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Toastmasters District 109 Annual Conference 2023

12 to 14 May in Milano

Toastmasters Annual Conference and Speech Contests are back! In person and hybrid. And we’re in Milano from 12 to 14 May 2023.


Motivate, Inspire, Leadership, Activities, Networking, Opportunities

Our mission is to create an event that will inspire Toastmasters and guests from around the world to reach new heights in both their professional and private lives by participating in our contests and workshops, and by listening to inspiring stories from keynote speakers.

This post-pandemic edition will take place in a fun, multicultural and innovative setting that will give participants the opportunity to network, make new friends, enjoy cultural exchanges and embrace the innovative spirit of MILANO (M=motivation I=inclusivity L= leadership A= activities N= networking O= opportunities).

Conference educational program

Welcome to the 2023 Conference Educational Program: Becoming “A Better-Mi”

Indulge yourself, improve your skills and discover your own potential by participating LIVE at the Toastmasters’ conference in magical MILANO!

In line with the Toastmasters’ mission to “provide a supportive and positive learning experience” to its members, the 2023 conference will feature an inspiring educational program alongside the coveted speech contests and exciting social activities.

The objective of the conference’s educational program is to prepare you with the skills and knowledge needed to realise your highest personal and professional potential. The interactive design of the educational sessions also provides an opportunity to network with like-minded people from diverse
professions and nations.

The Toastmasters D109 Conference 2023 educational program consists of four (4) keynote speeches and a top-notch array of interactive workshops to build skills in three thematic areas (tracks):

Becoming a Better-Mi Speaker
Possible topics include crafting a compelling speech, developing vocal variety, dealing with stage fright, using your stage consciously, engaging with hybrid audiences, and other.

Becoming a Better-Mi Professional
Possible topics include Building self-confidence, Navigating changing priorities, Remaining mindful and focused in this crazy world, Mastering high stake transitions, Becoming better self-leaders

Becoming a Better-Mi Leader
Possible topics include Empowering teams in times of change, How to motivate and influence others, How to handle conflict, Leader development in practice.

For those who cannot travel to Milano, we will offer an ONLINE track.

Online Track: Become a Better-Mi from Home
This track is dedicated to online participants – it includes two hybrid workshops from the on-site conference (on some of the themes above) and at least one dedicated online workshop (e.g. How to improve your online presence with LinkedIn? Dos and Don’ts of managing hybrid audiences). The online track will also include virtual access to the hybrid contests.

With a weekend packed with four fascinating keynote speeches, inspiring contest speeches and valuable learning workshops, you are guaranteed to leave Milano empowered and inspired to pursue your personal and professional dreams.

Toastmasters D109 Conference 2023 Workshops

Learn through experience.  The toastmaster’s method is valid universally for any skill.  It’s through experience and feedback that you make progress.  Taking responsibility for your own growth and enjoying the journey!

Keynote Speakers

Learn by listening to inspiring stories from our keynote speakers.  You can learn important messages from listening to people from all walks of life and apply those messages to your situation or plans for the future!

Speech Contest

Listening to speakers compete in the Toastmasters speech contest is inspiring.  Not only the message itself but the technique with which it was delivered are of the highest levels.  You will advance your skills in plublic speaking just by listening and comparing different styles!